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Subject Grade Level Resource Content Location Contact person
1920s high school
1920s high school Speak Easy kit Tiger door poster, postcards, sheet music, items of clothing, Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
1940s high school laminated Chicago Tribune and Daily Dispatch newspapers misc. WWII papers and Centennial of Moline papers, 1948 election Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
1960s / Chris Lind articles secondary various articles by Chris Lind with MHS news MHS student writing for Dispatch Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
1960s / JFK newspapers laminated newspapers from November 1963 Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
1970s secondary newspaper article Girls invade IArts Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
1970s secondary Daily Dispatch, laminated entire newspaper for July 31, 1978 Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
Agriculture all seed savers Bishop Hill
Agriculture Il Farm Bureau Ag Mag/kits/speakers 1601 52nd Ave #3, Moline, IL 61265 309.736.7432
Architecture local expert Barb Sandberg 309.764.6228
Arsenal, Rock Island lock and dam, river traffic, museum, cemetary, Col. Davenport home 2nd largest collection of firearms in the world, military uniforms, pier of the first railroad bridge across the Mississippi, Fort Armstrong, Quarters 1, lock and dam tours and river travel information Mississippi River Visitor Center 309.794.5338
Art, Fibers fiber fest natural dyes Bishop Hill 109 S. Bishop Hill St. Bishop Hill, IL 61419
Art, sculpture Isabel Bloom tour of workroom, workshops 736 Federal St. Davenport, Iowa Donna Young
Belgian Culture/immigration all primary sources/ archives / realia Belgian Cultural Center 1608 7th St. Moline, IL 61265 309.762.0167
bridges/local architecture local expert Curt Roseman
Civil Rights
Civil War all kit Arsenal museum, cemetary, slave cross, Lincoln items from LOC Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
Civilian Conservation Corp Display and guided tours Hauberg Indian Museum Beth Carvey
Cold War high school kit Civil Defense helmet, geiger counter, Life magazine, lesson plan Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
Communal Living Amana Colonies furniture making / wool / communal living 705 44th Ave. Amana, Iowa 52203 319.622.3567 Lanny Haldy
Communal LIving Bishop Hill museum/oral histories 103 Bishop Hill Rd. Bishop Hill, IL 61419 309.927.3899
Dating violence
Deere, John and Charles oral history Neil Dahlstrom
Deere/Weiman/Butterworth all virtual tour Deere family mansions and memoriablia 1105 E 8th Moline, IL 61265
Phone: (309) 743-2700.
Gretchen Small
Dental Health all kit teeth model, cross cut, hygene video, Tommy tooth Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
Digital images all photo archive of local heritage photo archive organized by collection and searchable by topic
Digital images/documents all Putnam museums phot and document archives
Ecology/Environment field trip or guest speaker Living Lands and Waters Chad Pergracke
Ecology/Environment Nahant Marsh reclamation of marsh, flora and fauna identification and habitat Nahant Marsh 563.336.3370
Farm/Harvest hands on displays JD Commons
Farm/Harvest Family Museum
Fire Safety
Folk Tales/Fairy Tales
Forces of Nature
German Heritage all trunk books/folk song CD/clothing items German American Heritage Center Kelly Lao 563.322.8844
German Holidays all trunk in progress German American Heritage Center Kelly Lao 563.322.8844
Grand Excursion Curtis Roseman
Graphic Novels
Heart Healthy K-12 heart models Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
herbarium digital archive all Plants of Iowa
Heritage blacksmith demonstration Grand Detour
Hispanic Heritage middle school/high school Hola America English/Spanish newspaper subscription Tar Masias
Hispanic immigration Griselda Garnica 563.324.1911 Kent 563.888.4211
Holocaust K-12 Leibovitz Collection Holocaust books in all develpmental levels Western Illinois Tom Finley
Holocaust middle school/high school Living history Alan Ross – Jewish Heritage Center
Human Body
Human Library bridges Curtis Roseman
Human Library lumber industry Gayle Rhein
Human Library voices from the cemetary Kathleen Seusy
Immigration lace and lace making / pictures / documents Belgian Cultural Center
Immigration museum / oral histories 103 Bishop Hill Rd. Bishop Hill, IL 61419 309.927.3899
Immigration World Relief Amy 309.764.2279
Immigration *see specific cultures German Heritage Center, Belgian Cultural Center, World Relief
Industrial Revolution all list of inventions from QC area with corresponding contact info digital resource Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
Inventors all 20 Germans you didn’t know you knew presentation German American Heritage Center Kelly Lao 563.322.8844
John Deere K-12 learning trunks clothing, history of Deere family, Deere-Weiman House Gretchen Small
John F. Kennedy high school Dispatch from 11.63 Moline High School Carolyn Mesick
LIght/Sound waves hands on demos: visualize sound waves, laser/mirror table Putnam Museum
Local History Dispatch and predecessor papers digitized Moline Public
Local History IL Quad City directories back to 1800s Moline Public
Local History, Bettendorf Kristen Schipper
Local History, East Moline Judy Belan
Local History, Illinois Flack & Bean Indian Boundary Series of markers for the Flack and Bean survey line Wiman property and Lincoln Park*.html
Local History, Iowa digital archive
Local History, Moline all “M” yearbooks digital and print Moline High School or Moline Public Carolyn Mesick or Lisa Powell Williams
Local History, Moline walking tour web map and QR code for self-guided tour
Local History, Moline K-12 guest speaker/research Diane Moore 309.912.3544
Local History, Moline local expert Assistance with local research / voices from the cemetary Rock Island County Historical Society Kathleen Seusy
Local History, Moline secondary / post laminated Daily Dispatches June 19, 1948 celebrating Moline’s centennial Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
Lumber Industry local expert Gayle Rhein
Lustron Homes/architecture secondary informational website and local expert Brian Tidwell
Making a difference
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Math Applications all Corp of Engineers
Misissippi River Living Lands and Waters speakers, education barge, curriculum book Chad Pergracke and team
Mississippi River Corp of Engineers locks and dams, transportation
Mississippi River Zebulon Pike expedition Gena Schantz
Mississippi River oral history Roald Tweet
Music, Bix Beiderbech al Bix Museum,
Nahant Marsh Education Center habitat, history, reptiles, amphibians, pond study, insects, invasive species, plant diversity, Blandings turtle, life cycles, food web, water quality Ag careers 4220 S Wapello Ave Davenport, IA 52802. 563.326.7756
Native Americans K-12 Hauberg Indian Museum Black Hawk State Park Beth Carvey
Newton’s laws
Nursery Rhymes
Periodic Table
restored cemetaries local expert Oren Rockwell 309.716.0098
Rock Island history local expert LInda Anderson
Rock Island lines local expert Roald Tweet
Rock Island/Broadway District
local expert Diane Oestreich 309.788.1845
Simple Machines manipulative machines for each Putnam Museum
Social Justice/Social Issues
Space K-12 StarLab programs for constellations and for underwater Putnam Museum will bring this to your location
Space K-12 StarLab Moline Sr. High and RIROE Carolyn Mesick and Julie Cox
Swedish Heritage all Bishop Hill perserved, communal village and archives, oral histories 103 Bishop Hill Rd. Bishop Hill, IL 61419 309.927.3899
Sylvan Island industry/Sylvan oral history Sylvan Island Norm Moline
Transportation all Grand Excursion trunks, river and railroad kits barges, mills, industry, railroad information, Roald Tweet, Curt Roseman, Gayle Rhein Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
Underground railroad
Underground railroad
Underground railroad actual hiding spot Geneseo Historical Center
Underground railroad all aritfacts from slavery yoke, ball and chain Putnam Museum
Vital Speeches of the Day
Walking Tours of QCA Curtis Roseman
Waves: sound/light
Westward Expansion
White Rose resistence high school presentation powerpoint and speaker German American Heritage Center Kelly Lao 563.322.8844
World War II high school collection of realia uniforms, field kit, shells and munitions, wooden box, Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902
World War II secondary propaganda posters Moline Public
World War II secondary and post laminated Chicago Tribunes and Daily Dispatches assorted full newspapers from 1940-1945 Moline Sr. High Carolyn Mesick 309.743.8902